The company is located in Vicenza, a city of art with Venetian influence, famous throughout the world for the marvellous works of the great Italian Renaissance artist, Andrea Palladio.

RONCO jewels are created from sensitivity for beauty that has developed through living in a territory rich in culture, combining Vicenza’s great tradition of gold craftsmanship with technical innovation.

RONCO produces components for the gold industry, developing state-of-the-art technologies, and gold and silver jewellery with precision hand crafted finishes that are characteristic of “Made in Italy” in the world.


The Company was founded in 1972 to produce semi-finished articles and accessories for the gold industry and subsequently started to produce high quality hand-crafted gold jewellery in the 1980s.

All choices have been guided by quality and earnestness, leading to important growth, enabling the Company to gain recognition and prove itself a reliable partner for operators in the sector.

These values are still the strategy used today to face the challenges of the global market.

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